Thursday, January 19, 2012

How I saved almost $150 on my Rogers bill.

I have been a loyal customer of Rogers for 18 years. That’s when I got my first cell phone. I really haven’t had many complaints over the years. Sometimes the service could be better, but overall I am satisfied, especially now that I saved almost $150.

I currently have the VIP cable package where I pay $67.98 before taxes plus a $1.00 fee they charge.(I really don’t understand the $1.00 fee) I am on a 12 month promotion they’re offering where I get $5.00 off for 12 months, so my total monthly bill is $72.29. My promotion is up on February 1, and Rogers is increasing their rates on March 1. What does this mean for me!

Well my VIP Package is going from $67.98 to $72.04, plus I will no longer get the $5.00 discount that I have been getting.  So my new bill would be $82.53. That’s over a $10 increase! So I decided to call Rogers to see what they could do for me. The first customer service rep that I got over the phone was extremely nice, I was also very polite. Being polite when speaking to customer service reps can really help your situation. No one wants to help a rude person. She offered me 15% off for the next 12 months. My new bill will be $72.04 plus a $1.00 fee plus taxes, totaling $70.15. This is less than what I was paying before. Whoo hoo! This will end up saving me $148.56 over the next year, simply by making one phone call.

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