Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How I Got Ripped Off TWICE!!

I just absolutely LOVE getting a great deal, which is why I ALWAYS shop around when purchasing anything, especially plane tickets. I am usually pretty good at getting the lowest airfare on trips, but these last two purchases that I made, I have no idea what happened.

I had been planning a trip to Jamaica since last summer because I hadn't been there for years, so I thought why not enjoy some sun over the Christmas holidays. I shopped around for months before booking, I even asked many of my friends who frequently travel to Jamaica which airline I should take. Westjet was the most common and cheapest airline my friends have used. It was also the cheapest when I did my research. After checking from time to time, the price would go up and down. I knew it would be more expensive because I was travelling over the Christmas holiday which is high season, but I still wanted a deal. After seeing the price go from $641 to $700+, I decided to book it at $641. I was feeling really good until a few days later when I went back to check if the price had changed. Why was the price less than $600! I was not happy at all.  I just wasted over $40 dollars. I could have done a lot with that money. Have you ever been on a plane and sat beside someone who paid less than you did for the same flight? If you haven't, the feeling sucks. You feel like you've been ripped off. Actually the feeling is accurate, you have been ripped off!

But wait, it gets worst!

I am planning a trip to Atlanta, GA in February. I did the same thing, shopped around on many sites to see what would be cheaper. It's usually more expensive to fly out of Toronto to Atlanta, the price is $687 as of right now. Flying from Buffalo to Atlanta is $201. I'll say what you're thinking, "wow that's a lot cheaper!" It is a lot cheaper, but I didn't pay $201, I paid $264. The price went down a few days after I purchased my ticket. I'll say it for you! I was ripped off again by $63. The money that I was ripped off could have paid for my car rental in Atlanta.

I obviously need a better strategy for booking flights. I am planning a cruise in the summer and really don't want to pay more than I have to. I will SCREAM if this happens again.

Does anyone have any tips to help me so I don't get ripped off again? PLEASE HELP ME!

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