Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I Paid Off My Mortgage........ So You've Moved In, Now What! - Part 7

When I first moved into my condo I was really excited. The first thing I wanted to do was paint, I wanted to customize everything to my liking. Be careful of the "I want everything right now" syndrome. It is extremely tempting to buy everything all at once, especially with all of the commercials advertising new mattresses, sofa's, dining tables, and bedroom sets. Consider buying what you need now, versus what you want. Do you really need a new sofa or bedroom set. Maybe the one you have can last another couple of years. If you do need new furniture, please be very careful with those don't pay for one year deals. Usually these companies allow you to pay for the item within one year of the purchase date without charging any interest. However, if you don't pay for the item within one year and decide to pay for it a day late, you will pay all that interest that you incurred within the year. So please read the fine print.

Don't forget to change your address with the following:

Utilities & Services

Financial & Personal Products
Credit Card Companies
Department Store Credit Cards
Insurance Companies (health, home/life, auto)
Professional Memberships

Government Services
Driver's License
Post Office
Income Tax/CRA
Unemployment Insurance


After you've updated your address, check your finances. You may need to open new accounts, transfer funds and order new cheques.

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