Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Is The Milk Always At The Back Of The Store?

I remember years ago when I use to ask why the milk, eggs and butter always seem to be at the back of the grocery store. It all became clear my first year in College when I was in my marketing class and the professor explained product placement.

The milk, eggs, and butter are strategically placed at the back of the store because those are items that most people purchase. Usually on your way to the back of the store, you'll throw some items in your cart, then on your way back you'll probably throw more items in your cart. If the milk, eggs, and butter were at the front of the store, you probably wouldn't pick up those other items.

I did a little experiment a few years ago. I was trying to test the theory of how many more items I would purchase if I went to the grocery store while I was hungry and without a list. Versus if I went grocery shopping on a full stomach and with a list. It was very interesting. When I went hungry and without a list, I spent at least $10 more on snacks and purchased items I wouldn't normally purchase. When I went with a full stomach and a list, I was not driven by my stomach and I had direction because I had my list. What a money saver to go on a full stomach and with a list.

Check out this great video on Grocery Store secrets.

I never thought about the music that is played in grocery stores and the impact it has on my purchases. They have actually figured out what songs to play to keep us in the grocery store as long as possible so we buy more food. Wow!

They also use this strategy in retail stores. The stores I shop at don't do such a great job. I have actually left stores because the music was either too loud or just awful.


Michelle P said...

I remember in one of my classes we spent a whole day talking about all of their secrets, it makes me more aware whenever I shop.

Shondell said...

Absolutely, me too!