Friday, February 24, 2012

Furnishing An Entire House for $716.97!

I found this great article over at Money Talk News on how Angella furnished her entire house for $716.97. Can you believe that? Wow! I had to share this because I know most people spend more than that on a mattress and a box spring! It's amazing what you find when you actually look and are patient.

Angella wasn't concerned with buying things at garage sales or flea markets. Believe it or not you could get some good deals. I too purchase things at both places. Sometimes they sell the same things you can buy in a retail store.

I am pretty cheap, so these tips really hit home for me. Asking people for furniture they are no longer using is not a bad idea. I have a friend who buys new furniture every couple of years. She has very expensive taste, so her furniture is quite nice. She often just throws the old furniture in the garbage. You may have a friend or two like mine. Don't be afraid to ask them for their old furniture!

Check out Angella's story - How I Furnished My Entire House for $716.97

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