Friday, March 16, 2012

Petro Points!

I just love a free car wash!

How much do you pay to wash your car? I haven't paid for a car wash in years. I have a Petro Canada gas card. This is not a credit card but a points card that allows me to accumulate points every time I make a purchase. I do a lot of driving, so I am at the gas station at least twice a week. This allows me to accumulate points very fast. I only use my points when I have enough to get a car wash. I think I should save more points and try to get something better than a car wash.

Check out some ways you can accumulate Petro points:
  •  Just for signing up you get 2500 points if you provide your email address.
  • If you shop at Petro Canada convenience stores, you could receive up to 20 points on eligible items. On some items they offer double, triple, five times or more bonus points to help you to collect those points faster.
  • Purchasing gas can also help you beef up your points. You can collect 10 points per litre on SuperClean 94 Fuel, seven points per litre on PlusClean Fuel and five points per litre on RegularClean Fuel and diesel.
  • If you have a CIBC petro points card, you can receive 10 points for every dollar you spend on your CIBC MasterCard outside of a Petro Canada store. Plus you can earn 50% more points on eligible items at a Petro-Canada store.
  • If you make a purchase with your Sears Card at a Petro Canada store, you can collect both Petro points and Sears Club Points.
  • If you register your CAA membership number to your Petro account, you can collect 20% more Petro Points.
  • If you travel with itavel2000, you can collect 10 points for every dollar you spend on travel.
  • You can also redeem 10,000 Petro points and get $10 off your vacation with itravel2000

Do you have a Petro Points card? If so, what do you use your points for?

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Anonymous said...

I also haven't paid for a car wash in a long time. If i ever forget to use it i take my receipt and call the company to add my points. I'm that serious about my points.