Thursday, March 29, 2012

Employer's Ask Job Seekers For Facebook Password

If you haven't heard of this yet, it's true. Employer's in the States are actually asking job seekers for their Facebook passwords so they can search through their Facebook site to find out who they are. That's just crazy! We all know that Employer's already view potential employee's Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin sites to try to find information on people, but to ask for their passwords is just ludicrous. It's like asking for someone's email password. What ever happen to privacy?

A job seeker by the name of Robert Collins who lives in Maryland was asked by an employer to provide his Facebook password so a hiring manager could properly evaluate his application to be reinstated as a prison guard. Robert Collins was told his profile would be scoured for evidence of gang connections. Huh! What ever happen to just doing a criminal background check? Oh, I guess obtaining someone's Facebook password would be much cheaper, in fact it's free!

Check out this video below

We are a bit more fortunate here in Canada that laws protect us from this craziness. Labour laws here in Canada protect us from Employer's asking for personal information.

Social media tips
  • Don't ever put anything out there that you may regret in the future.
  • Nothing online is ever really private, remember that!
  • Change your Facebook settings to private (This is a good rule of thumb. However, there are savvy hackers that may be able to get past your privacy settings)
  • I know many people who don't use their real name on social media sites.
  • Remember others can post pictures of you on Facebook. It could have been a picture when you were drunk in high school. Notify any friends or family members if you notice a picture you want taken off. 
Do you have any tips to protect others online?

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