Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Paying Too Much In Bank Fees?

Are you tired of paying that monthly chequing account fee, and constantly making sure you have the minimum amount in your account to avoid that monthly fee? Or maybe you are paying annual credit card fees. Whatever fee you’re paying, you probably want to avoid paying it.
Banking fees cut into how much you could be saving every month. There are other options out there to avoid paying fees. First I would suggest contacting your current bank to find out what kind of account you have. Determine if that account is best for your needs. If it’s not, ask your banker what other accounts they offer. If you are a senior or a student ask if they have student or senior plans, often times the monthly fee is waived for these accounts.  If your current bank doesn’t have any account plans that suit your needs, shop around. Check out President’s Choice Financial and ING Direct, both offer free banking.
If you’re paying annual fees on your credit card, contact your credit card company and ask them what that fee includes. You may be surprised to know that you don’t want what’s included in that annual fee. Ask for other options they may have. Find out what credit cards they offer without an annual fee. Also shop around with other banks to see what they offer. While you’re speaking with your credit card company, why not ask them if they can lower your interest rate as well. You’ll be surprised how easy this actually is.

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