Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Million Dollar Club!

So I recently discovered this great group of bloggers who are members of the Million Dollar Club. It's a club that helps you achieve your goal of becoming a millionaire. I have had this goal for many many years and am taking necessary steps to becoming a millionaire. Paying off my line of credit, car loan and mortgage were some of the steps that I have taken. But there's more!

1. I've decided to save my old bi-weekly mortgage payment of $809, actually I'll just round it up to $1000/bi-weekly
2. Max out my TFSA contribution of $5000/per year
3. Start and grow my side business
4. Always spend less than I make
5. Continue to contribute to my companies pension plan

I have much more income coming in this year, which will all go to savings. I will update this as life changes.

How are you planning on becoming a millionaire. Or are you already? Please share your tips!


J. Money said...

That is SO incredible. Seriously, a) PAYING OFF your mortgages like that, but even more so b) SAVING it all now! That's great - good for you. Very very inspirational.

Thanks for joining our club! :)

debt freedom plan said...

Thanks for the tip about the million dollar club. It's a club I would love to be a member of.